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Siegel web pageJason T. Siegel, Ph.D. 

Jason T. Siegel is a professor of social psychology in Claremont Graduate University’s Division of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences. Siegel’s scholarship focuses on the social psychology of health behavior change. More specifically, his research investigates how motivation, emotion, and context interact with message features to influence the persuasive strength of health intervention efforts. His most common areas of investigation include depression, organ donation, and substance abuse.

Siegel’s scholarship has been published in outlets such as Health PsychologyClinical Psychological ScienceJournal of Affective DisordersPsychology of Addictive Behaviors, and Social Science and Medicine. He has won numerous awards and honors, including acceptance into the Society of Experimental Social Psychology (2015), the 2014 Early Career Research Award from the Western Psychological Association, and a 2011 Community Service Award from the Donor Network of Arizona.

Siegel has received funding through organizations such as the National Institutes on Drug Abuse, the Center for Disease Control, and the U.S. Department of Labor. He is currently the Principal Investigator of two grants funded by the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration.

Lab Co-Director


Benjamin D. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Dr. Rosenberg’s research applies social psychological theorizing on motivation and persuasion to health behavior and well-being. He has authored or co-authored papers on these topics in Social Science & Medicine, Journal of Health Communication, Journal of Mixed Methods Research, Computers in Human Behavior, and SAGE Encyclopedia of Research, Measurement, and Evaluation. Current research examines the influence of various motivational states (e.g., threatening uncertainty) on people’s perceptions of persuasive messages. Dr. Rosenberg is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Dominican University of California.

Current Members

sara headshotSara Hollar, M.A. Sara is a doctoral student in the social psychology program. She is interested in applying theories of persuasion and information processing in service of increasing help-seeking and optimizing help-seeking outcomes among those with depression.

amandaAmanda Keeler, M.A. Amanda is a doctoral candidate whose research focuses on exploring novel avenues to increase help-seeking for depression including the use of implementation intentions as well focusing on factors that impact help-seeking within the familial unit. Additionally, Amanda works for the Mood Disorder Division in the Department of Psychiatry at Penn State. At her current appointment, she supports research focused on biological determinants of mood disorders and their relation to circadian rhythm. She also assists in testing methods to see if genetics testing can be more accurate and cost-effective when prescribing antidepressants for individuals with depression.

TaraTara Muschetto, M.A. Tara is a doctoral student in social psychology.  Her research interests include encouraging help-seeking and increasing social support for individuals with depression.  She is working on research that examines how perceived etiology of depression influences willingness to provide help to individuals with depression.

1899940_10152655525889667_3456537763183149833_nCharles Sommerville, M.A. Charles is a doctoral student of social psychology. His primary research interests lie in internet addiction, social media, prosocial behavior in online contexts, and human-computer interactions.

caraCara Tan, M.A. Cara is a doctoral student interested in using social psychological theories to increase prosocial and positive health behaviors. She is currently focused on how the structure and strength of attitudes can be used to increase persuasion across multiple health domains, such as help-seeking for depression, organ donor registration, and adolescent drug prevention and reduction.

Rachelle WebbRachelle Webb, M.A. Rachelle is a doctoral student working toward her Ph.D. in social psychology. Her research interests include persuasion, communication, and health behavior, specifically help-seeking for depression.

Alumni Members

10488016_1521259371442012_8088638062750787872_nElidé “Eli” Flores-Medel, M.A. Eli is a CGU alumna currently working with Dr. Jason Siegel. Her research focuses on help-seeking for individuals with a variety of mental health disorders. Currently, she is working on several studies with Dr. Siegel that entails exploring the unintended effects of public service announcements (PSAs) on individuals with depression. Additionally, she is working on research aimed to help decrease the duration of untreated psychosis for individuals who are experiencing a first episode of psychosis.

New AmeliaAmelia Gonzalez, M.A. Amelia pursues interests in research and evaluation to support public and private organizations in better responding to client needs. Her specialty is in social psychological processes as they pertain to decisions making and behavior change. Her career experience demonstrates expertise in the application of theory and evidence-based practices to creatively address real-world challenges. Her training and experience have provided her with the research, evaluation, and statistical tools necessary to provide the information needed to develop progressive strategies and programs.

Sonal KhoslaSonal Khosla, M.A. Sonal holds a master’s degree in Positive Developmental Psychology and Clinical Psychology. Having theoretical knowledge in both the fields of Clinical Psychology and Positive Developmental Psychology, she aims to research about how development takes place in the patients of clinical disorders such as depression and PTSD.  Her research interests also involve how positive experiences like creativity and flow can help people recover from clinical disorders.

michelleMichelle Li, M.A. Michelle holds a master’s degree in Health Behavior Research and Evaluation. Michelle focuses her research on adolescents affected by mental health disorders and program development and interventions that may increase their help-seeking behaviors.

Brianna A. Lienemann, Ph.D. Brianna’s research interests focus on improving outcome expectancies, attitudes, intentions, and behavior related to depression, suicide, anxiety, and substance use. This is primarily achieved through the application of persuasion and psychological theories to the creation and evaluation of public service announcements. Future research will also focus on social media and messages related to cancer prevention.

image1Deborah Martinez, M.A. Debbie is a graduate from Claremont Graduate University with a Masters of Arts in psychology, concentration in health and evaluation. Her research endeavors focused on increasing help-seeking behaviors among college students for eating disorders and depression.  She is currently working for the National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention as part of the Stronger Hearts Helpline engagement team.

Andrea L. Ruybal, Ph.D. Andi holds a Ph.D. in social psychology and health behavior research. She is interested in conducting applied research related to health psychology, communication, and persuasion, which is theory and data-driven. Her research interests also include the reduction of stigma surrounding mental health, depression in minority populations, women’s mental health, postpartum depression, social influence, and depression comorbidities.

Tasha Straszewski, Ph.D. Tasha holds a Ph.D. in applied social psychology. She is interested in depression, specifically in developing interventions that may increase help-seeking for individuals with depression. Tasha also has an interest in positive psychology and is currently working on incorporating positive psychology elements in help-seeking interventions.

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